What is TRE and why you need it?

TRE is a simple set of exercises that turns on our body’s natural rebalancing process (tremouring), facilitating the release of physical tension/stress from the body. The results are an immediate experience of relaxation. By releasing tension (ranging from everyday stress to deeply held physical tension and trauma), we give ourselves the greater capacity to meet the world and it’s challenges with ease and skill. The body is able to return to homeostasis, which helps in the prevention of many illnesses and disease.



Increased energy and motivation

Relief from chronic medical conditions

Reduced Post Trauma symptoms

Healthier relationships

Improved productivity

Better quality of sleep

Improved emotional resilience

Increased resilience to stress

Increased sense of calm

Reduced tension and physical pain

Improved concentration and focus

Improved sports performance

General feeling of well-being



TRE is very effective as a stand-alone practice,

as well as in combination with other stress-relief practices such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

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