Do we sell wholesale produce?

Yes we do. We require a minimum order amount for off-farm deliveries of R1500. Wholesale deliveries are on a Tuesday and Friday. 


Do we deliver?

We deliver boxes on a Tuesday to Stellenbosch ( the collection point is Rustenberg wine farm ) and to wholesale clients on a Tuesday and Friday. Read more about our collections points here.


Why can’t the customer select what is put into the box?

The vegetables that are included in the box are given at wholesale prices to keep the cost of the boxes to a minimum. The boxes are for customers who love the surprise element of what’s in the box allowing them to experiment with new ideas and recipes! 


Why isn’t there a door-to-door delivery service?

Our focus is on growing delicious, wholesome organic produce and we do not want to thin out our attention to start a logistics operation. We’d be only too happy to supply produce to you if you want to set up a door-to-door delivery service.


Can you buy produce from the farm?


We are soon opening a retail market shop on the farm that will sell a range of delicious organic produce as well as other healthy, wholesome products.


Is our produce certified?

We are not certified organic. The certification process is too expensive for a small business. We will gladly open our doors for you to come and have a look at how we farm and what products we use.