On Rosenhof Farm, we’re passionate about reversing the industrialisation of our food and the pollution of the land that nurtures it. We grow apples and pears ( which are in conversion to an organic programme ), raspberries, free-range chickens, and organic fruit and vegetables .



Food is central to our lives. It sustains us and brings people together — often in celebration. What we eat is fundamental to how we feel, our happiness, our energy levels, and ultimately our drive for living the best lives we can and contributing our best to society. If our health is suffering it becomes difficult to be inspired and passionate. The way food ( fruit and vegetables) is grown conventionally results in produce that is generally lacking in nutrients and energy, and so instead of nourishing ourselves we end up depriving our bodies of the essential nutrients we need for good health. Furthermore the conventional methods of agriculture deplete the soil and require unsustainable external inputs that are resulting in the rapid degradation of our environment. 


The  HER HARVEST mission is therefore to


Understand how we can grow fruit and vegetables in a manner that is both nutritious and which does not deplete, but rather cooperates with/sustains the environment.


Experiment with different systems of growing.


Give others and ourselves the opportunity to eat DELICIOUS, nourishing fruit and vegetables. 


Create a viable business out of growing and selling organic fruit and vegetables.


To educate others on growing organic produce.


To show how looking after the soil and growing healthy fruit and vegetables is inspiring and far less stressful ( fighting against nature can only lead to stress ).