I was born and raised on our Farm in Elgin where I live today.

This is where my love for and respect of nature and the land started, and where my passion for living in alignment with the earth began.  I studied a BSc in Conservation Ecology and continued to do my masters in Sustainability. Being passionate about wellness and given that I love vegetables it was only natural that growing organic vegetables became a central element of what I do today. 

From a young age I’ve had big questions about the world and the way it functions and so have always been looking for something ‘more’ in life. My health took a downwards turn in high school where I started suffering from adrenal fatigue and eventually ended up going through stages of depression, feeling confused about my direction in life and losing my sense of passion. 

After many different alternative approaches to health and healing I found TRE in 2011 and it radically changed my life. Still not feeling as though I was living my life to the fullest and suffering from severe anemia and hashimotos ( despite living a healthy balanced lifestyle ), I found a path of deeper transformation. I have slowly regained my health and vitality and am now passionate about sharing all the modalities that have helped me to re-centre myself in this world.


Wellness from every aspect is what I’m passionate about – helping people to find their purpose and passion in life.


Clare Kuiper